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What are tile bluetooth trackers?

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The concept of the tile GPS tracking systems is something that a lot of consumers are embracing, but many forget about bluetooth tracking. This is a concept that is evolving into something that can increase safety. It is a simple concept that includes a small tile that essentially becomes a tracking device.

Simple and Cost Efficient

The thing that people tend to recognize quickly is that the tile method of tracking is going to be more cost-effective. That is what people discover quickly when they may have a need for a device that allows them to find their children. Most parents are not going to be interested in paying full regular price for a smartphone, but the tile tracking system allows them to get the same type of tracking without paying a monthly bill for a phone.

AI did a great video on it, check it out:

Time Wasters

What the tile tracking system does is prevent a lot of time wasters that occur when things are lost. So many items get lost during the course of the day for many Americans. It tends to be a huge time-waster, but bluetooth tracking with the tile system can make it easier to find a number of different things in close proximity.


These square tracker tiles are not very big. These tiles are also not very heavy. This means that a parent can easily slip one into the backpack for their children and keep up with their whereabouts relatively simple. These devices can also be placed in cars. Some people may even get these types of tiles placed on their luggage. This is good for travelers that may want to keep up with their bags as they travel. You have the ability to turn on your  features when you are in the airport. This is going to be great for those times where you get off a plane and will have trouble finding your luggage in the luggage return. From this perspective the tile tracker is going to help prevent a lot of theft as well.

Battery Life

Consumers that buy into a tile tracking system can rest assured that these devices have a battery life of at least one week. This makes tracking easy. Trying to track someone that has a cell phone, by contrast, will be harder because the battery life for a cell phone is not going to last that long. The parent is trying to track their child who may not have access to a charger will usually find themselves stressed when the child’s phone battery dies because all tracking ceases at that point. When the child is sent out of the house for school or any other activity during the course of the day parents do not have to worry about whether the tile is going to be able to be tracked because the battery life is substantially longer for towels than it would be for a smartphone.

Multiple Packs

Some people are so fascinated with this tile system that they take interest in buying multiple tiles in a pack. This is cost-effective, and it always comes in handy because there are a plethora of things inside of the home that can be lost. It is easier to buy multiple tiles upfront and put these tiles on a keychain. These items can be put in vehicles. Tiles can be put in backpacks. It is easier to buy multiple packs of tiles and simply use these products when you find yourself losing service items more frequently than others.

The Bluetooth Connection

Setting up these tile systems is relatively easy. It doesn’t take long get these tiles synchronized with a bluetooth application on your phone. Once you set up the synchronization you have the ability to track where the tile goes. It is one of the simplest things that you can do to make sure that you never lose certain items again. The app can also be utilized by multiple people to track a device that you may have placed in the home for items that you may lose frequently.

Your ability to track a lot of things inside of your home environment and outside of it will save you a lot of time. Parents that are trying to keep up with their children are definitely going to appreciate these tracking systems.

Please keep in mind, that we are talking about bluetooth trackers that can keep track of items/kids etc. in close proximity (bluetooth range) and not GPS trackers which are used for nationwide real time tracking.